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Marina di S. Elmo - Alghero, Sardinia


Marina Di S. Elmo is a new harbor located at the southern end of the port of Alghero.
The wharfs are situated below the ancient walls of the old city. This is a very quiet area, just a stone's thrown from the historical center of Alghero, the part of the city that is surrounded by walls constructed by the Moors.
The Port of Alghero is a fishing and tourist port sited within a deep bay. It is easy to reach and well protected by a wide breakwater.

Planimetry and depth

Plan of the Port of Alghero Alghero - © Marina di S.Elmo

Alghero itself is a small fishing town that has developed over time thanks to the tourist industry and Fertilia International Airport, which is conveniently situated just a few miles away. The local culture and traditions of Alghero have remained intact over the centuries, and the local people are renowned for their hospitality.
The town's historical centre is especially charming and picturesque, and offers a multitude of fine restaurants, cafes and bars.

The Port of Alghero

The port of Alghero is protected by two quays: the South Quay (Molo Sud), measuring around 850m, and the New Low-Surge Quay (Nuovo Molo di Sottoflutto), located to the north and also measuring around 850m. The latter features a 125m mooring pier. The New Dock, with an average depth of 2m, is located in the north-eastern part of the port, between the Millelire wharf, the first arm of the New Low-Surge Quay and the Lo Frasso Quay (Molo Lo Frasso). Inside the dock, there are several floating piers, even though the area remains ideal for fishing vessels. The Furesi Quay separates the New Docks from the Tourist Docks, which are located between the Northern Quay (Molo Nord) and the Garibaldi Wharf (Banchina Garibaldi). The Tourist Port features numerous piers for the mooring of cruising craft. The southern part of the port plays host to the Banchina Dogana and the Banchina Sanità, which provide mooring facilities for yachts in transit and also deals with some commercial operations. Outside the Northern Quay, there are two 100m cement mooring piers, each with a comb-like arrangement.
The sea bed is rocky and sandy.
The main winds are the north-west wind and the south-west winds.
The area is sheltered from the scirocco, ostro and north-east winds. The closest safe anchor is at Porto Conte (around 7 miles to the west).
Bastioni - Photo: A. Saba
Marina di S.Elmo, Pier - Photo: Magica Servizi Informatici
Marina di S. Elmo S.r.l.
Prolungamento Banchina Sanità
Porto di Alghero
07041 Alghero (SS) - Sardinia, Italy
Telefono FAX (+39) 079980829
VHF channels 16-9

Latitude: 40° 33' 883'' North
Longitude: 008° 18' 405'' East

Plan of the Port of Alghero - Photo: Magica Servizi Informatici

Lighthouse and lamp signals

  • 1410 (E 1117) - flashing green lamp, 3 sec period, range 8 miles, located at the head of the south quay
  • 411 (E 1117.2) - flashing red lamp, 3 sec period, range 8 miles, located at the head of the low-surge quay
  • 1411.3 (E 1117.3) - solid red lamp, 2 vert., range 2 miles, located at the tip of the mooring pier of the tourist basin
  • 1413 (E 1119) - solid red lamp, 2 vert., range 3 miles, located at the head of the north quay
  • 1414 (E 1118) - solid green lamp, 2 vert., range 3 miles, located at the northern head of the Banchina Sanità
  • 1414.2 (E 1119.4) - solid red lamp, range 4 miles, located at the tip of the left quay entering the New Harbor
  • 1414.3 (E 1119.5) - solid green lamp, range 5 miles, located at the head of the Furesi Quay in the New Harbor